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Miami Artist Peter Kasen's New Single 'Second Skin'

Miami artist Peter Kasen has released his latest track “Second Skin”, a raw, upbeat acoustic guitar tune. In this song, the artist opens up about burying old scars and moving on from the pain of the past...

This is an upbeat track with country-style guitar and candid lyrics. The production is simple and refined, with the vocals taking centre-stage, a touch of reverb enhancing them. There is a sense of brooding longing for some clarity on life's mysteries, and there’s talk of watching the world decay... This is an enigmatic track which will resonate with so many at the same time, for it feels heartfelt and sincere. The guitar strumming builds a lot of suspense and you find yourself very much sucked into the track from start to finish. There are choral backing vocals adding a touch of drama in the song's latter half, and the music opens up a little in its arrangement, before coming full circle back to how it all begun. This song is a journey. Go check it out for yourself.

With Peter releasing six albums and three singles, he has had the opportunity to tour around the United States and internationally. Peter is the epitome of an independent musician and has booked all tours on his own, both home and abroad.

“Second Skin” is available now on Apple Music and all other major platforms. To stay up to date on the latest projects from Peter Kasen, check out his website HERE


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