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Michael Dión releases lead single featuring superstar Cardi B from upcoming album “Spellbound”

Michael Dión, born Michael Dión Franklin in Rochester, NY and raised in Orlando, Fl is an American, singer-songwriter, producer and actor. Protégée of late industry veteran manager Steven E. Kurtz [Christina Aguilera, SWV, P!NK, The Doors]. Best known for his 2018 urban/pop cover of ''Bohemian Rhapsody'' in support of the Academy Award Winning Queen biopic of the same title.

While the commercially accessible, soulful songbird's pre-solo debut hype continues to peak the interest of international online fans and music execs alike, the humble 28 year-old is staying focused. "I'm gearing up to hit the scene running, working hard to make my mark. 2022 is going to be my year and beyond!", comments Michael.

Join us as we have an exclusive chat with the artist...

- So firstly, how would you describe your sound?

I’d say timeless Pop/R&B - What’s a typical day in the studio like for you? …well I record most of not all of my work from my home studio setup in my living room area… I start by going through tracks that producers have sent me and or tracks that I’ve meditated on for some time and I’d connect with one of my main producers to assist in bringing the musical elements to life. Then I start playing with melody ideas and tones until I find one that gives me butterflies and take it home from there. - Do you have to be in a certain mood to write a song? Yes! I have to eagerly want to either get an idea out of my head and heart or just simply want to hear my voice on something new of mine. - Who are your three biggest musical inspirations? I’d have to say Whitney Houston, Babyface and Tony Thompson - Who is the best band you've ever seen play live? Destiny’s Child … their live show is amazing from beginning to end. - What’s the toughest part of the industry for you?

I’d have to say the business part to me is the toughest because not everyone has your best interest at heart and even sometimes when they do it’s still hard to let your guard down because of fear they/that can change at any moment. A lot of people in life in general only look out for themselves, I’ve never been live that and it’s hurtful to see that trait in others. - What’s the most enjoyable part of the industry?

Seeing how much fans like your work and also I’d have to say putting the visuals together of a song lifted from a project. I feel it gives everyone a bigger view of the story within the record. - What’s in store for you for the rest of 2021?

Well I’m currently working on a pilot for Netflix that should be out in October some time and also I have a song recently released with Cardi B of whom I’m a huge fan of so just having that song released was a blessing in itself.




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