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Minnesota-based artist Mango Juice releases new nostalgic offering ‘Nonchalant Flow’

The 20-year-old artist made his debut with ‘Young Life Saga’ in September last year, gaining over 43,000 streams across Spotify alone, whilst launching his ‘Cari Ashford Cancer Relief Project’ in memory of his mother. Powered by compelling instrumentals, glistening modulations and effortless zeal, his hazy breed of Hip-Hop and hypnotic lyrics combine across the compelling ten-tracker ‘Long Road’.

A stand-out track across the EP, ‘Nonchalant Flow’ features a hearty interlude of Mango’s grandmother which adds vital texture to this sincere and deep-cut. It’s a touching moment of genuine gratitude to those who matter and a trademark addition to Mango’s growing discography.

“I see ‘Long Road’ as a reflection of my journey along the ‘Long Road’ of life. I wanted to treat the project as an overall story that takes the listener on my personal journey and can relate to and use as motivation.” - Mango Juice

Listen here


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