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Moxxy Jones releases a modern rock anthem of liberation in "Letting Go of You"

Moxxy Jones, the dynamic indie duo hailing from San Francisco, has a penchant for fearlessly straddling the boundaries of musical genres. In their latest single, "Letting Go of You," part of their debut synth-pop album 'Unnoticed,' Moxxy Jones presents a powerful modern-rock anthem that explores the transformative power of letting go.

Released on October 18th, 2023, "Letting Go of You" is a sonic revelation that emanates a compelling blend of contemporary rock influences, reminiscent of iconic bands like U2, The 1975, and even evoking shades of 1980s Brit Pop. As the eighth single from their album 'Unnoticed,' this track ventures into the emotionally charged realm of heartbreak, delivering an anthemic message of strength found in moving on from relationships that no longer serve.

Moxxy Jones, composed of long-time friends Frank and Milan, offers a distinctive musical journey. Their sound defies convention, flowing effortlessly through genres and eras. With boundless sonic exploration, they craft melodies that feel both fresh and familiar. "Letting Go of You" is no exception, serving as a testament to their refusal to be confined by rigid musical boundaries.

The creative process behind this song reflects their fearless ethos. Originally conceived as a ballad, "Letting Go of You" began with a few simple piano chord progressions written by Frank. The song transformed when Milan took these ideas and, in his own words, "completely turned it on its head," crafting a big, upbeat rock tune that exudes empowerment.

What sets "Letting Go of You" apart is the intriguing balance between the song's aggressive modern-rock core and its harmonious underpinnings. As Frank puts it, "this is a big modern rock song with lyrics that highlight the power of letting someone go. But behind all of that, there are still pretty harmonies that contrast with the aggressiveness of the music." This duality adds depth and texture to the song, allowing it to take listeners on a compelling journey from the end of a relationship to a liberating new beginning.

In summary, "Letting Go of You" encapsulates the essence of Moxxy Jones' fearless journey through music, marking a compelling chapter in their unique musical odyssey.

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