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  • lauryverdoux

Mr MooQ Presents 'Oh My My My My' Single

Although the arrangement to Mr MooQ’s “Oh My My My My” is built upon a

largely synth-based arrangement, its vocal is gently crooned. In fact,

one could just as easily imagine this song being performed with a grand

piano or accompanied by a lush orchestra. The singing just has that sort

of timeless quality to it.

The track begins a little like an ‘80s ballad. Like one of those ballads

by The Cars, or some other MTV video star. It features swirling backing

music, along with sometimes unusual percussion and what sounds like

flute (or a computer approximation of a flute). There is also guitar,

but it is mainly for extra coloring, rather than to drive the track.

On the chorus, Mr MooQ asks, “Why does love hurt so bad?” This song is

about the pain of separation. We’re told of how the night is lonely, and

the night is bitter. Mr MooQ also paraphrases the Biblical truth of how

a house divided against itself cannot stand. These two people have

different points of view. So different, in fact, that it separates them.

They just cannot agree enough to get along and stay together. We’re not

ever told what this difference is, exactly. It’s probably irrelevant to

the song, anyhow. The point is that these two cannot find common ground,

and Mr MooQ is despondent over their inability to work things out. It’s

an age-old dilemma, isn’t it? “I tried to see things your way/But that

meant losing you.”

The song title is the sound of misunderstanding. We can’t find the exact

right words to describe our circumstances at times, so we just exclaim,

“Oh my my my my!” Although those around us may not know why we’re

expressing ourselves thus, everyone knows we’re exasperated about

something. In this case, it’s Mr MooQ reacting to a breakup. One is

touched by the politeness of these words. He doesn’t come off angry or

vindictive. In today’s world, many of these types of songs come off like

an auditory middle finger. ‘You hurt me, so go to hell!’ these other

song lyrics seem to express, in so many words. Mr MooQ’s song is much

sadder and more confused, however. He’s not lashing out at this other

person; he’s just coming face-to-face with his own emotions over the

situation. He also takes some responsibility for this unwanted outcome,

saying at one point that there was so much more he could have said. When

we fail (at love, or at just about anything, for that matter) we tend to

play Monday morning quarterback, going over and over what just happened

inside our heads. This song is the sound of Mr MooQ doing just that.


This song sounds as though it was written some time after a breakup. It

has a reasonable tone to it, as though this person waited some time

before composing these thoughts. Many times, our first responses can be

overly angry and hurtful. We soon regret what we’ve said. Not here,

though. The person in this song is mulling over events sadly, but

tactfully. There is no way one would ever regret saying these things.

This is a sad song about love, but also one of the better ones.


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