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Musical Legend Teddy Wender Releases New Single 'Summer Shirt'

Summer is here so get out that summer shirt and hit the streets. Veteran musician and talented keyboardist Teddy Wender recently released his insatiable new single 'Summer Shirt'. Let's take a closer listen; come join us!

Fresh off 100,000 views on his last single 'Peace Will Come', this is the second brilliant second from Teddy's newest album entitled 'Theo'. The track is a love letter to the hot NY summer. The accompanying music video is a must-see, with a blazing hot visual to match the melodic, feel-good deliciousness of this song. The video features a cool-as-a-cucumber Teddy smoking on his lilo in the middle of a swimming pool, and a talented contemporary dancer wearing an array of summer shirts in the middle of NYC. Scenes of the dancer melt into clips of Teddy, who can also be seen playing guitar by the pool. All in all, a super-catchy and highly effective song which is sure to have you pressing repeat! Alexa play this track right now.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Teddy has enjoyed a string of career successes. He was a founding member of the New-Wave band 3-D on Polydor Records, who appeared on Saturday Night Live when the cast still included Steve Martin and Bill Murray. Pretty epic, right? He's also toured alongside the likes of U2, The Ramones, The Cars, J. Geil’s Band, Eddie Money and South Side Johnny. Ted is currently the keyboardist for Long Island’s Red White & Blues Band, whilst releasing his own solo material. And we're so glad he has, because this track along with the rest of his music catalogue to date, are an absolute treat.

Make sure to check out the music video & listen to the track here:

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