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My Twisted Heart Provides Fast-Paced Melodies And K-Pop Beats With Heartbreaker

Gearing up for his EP release, Cork-based singer and songwriter My Twisted Heart has released an instant classic, Heartbreaker.

With a rollercoaster of fast-paced melodies, autotune and a whole lot of K-pop influence, Heartbreaker delivers a sonic blast of beats that will have you at the edge of your seat and wanting more. The track explores themes of fear - whether it be the fear of tearing something beautiful apart or the fear of not being good enough.

Just one of six songs to feature on his upcoming EP - Heart Leak - Heartbreaker stands starkly different from the rest with its K-pop influence - a nod to My Twisted Heart’s experience out East and a refreshing take on the alternative genre that makes the Irish musician stand out from the crowd.

With the alternative musician already pushing boundaries and blending genres, there’s no telling what’s in store next for the young, Cork-based rapper.


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