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NÍV imbues a natural folk light into the spacious serene scope of “Home”

NÍV imbues a natural folk light into the spacious serene scope of “Home”. Her voice contains multitudes as there is a kindness and grace to the way things unfurl. The gentleness of her touch proves to be rather soothing to behold, for not a moment is ever wasted. By keeping things light and bright she is able to craft an entire universe. Drawing from folk’s traditions while nicely updating the sound, there is a brightness to the way she implements everything, from the pastoral grace of the rhythm to the way the interplay works in a beguiling fashion.

She allows the song a certain degree of freedom in getting started. Right from the beginning there is an intimacy to the power of her words. They convey such honesty and earnestness, for she delivers each verse with a sense of a life lived to the absolute fullest. In a sense there is a cyclical approach to the storytelling within the song, one that focuses on the reflection that comes with returning home. By allowing these many elements plenty of space she creates something that truly sings. The guitar work here adds to the sense of place that seems to shine on through, as the many different pieces seem keenly balanced for maximum impact. Layer upon layer filters in but it remains rather clear in terms of its focus.

With a quiet beauty and reverence, “Home” displays a bit of NÍV’s tendency to balance so many pieces of sound in a way that feels effortless.

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