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Nadia Vaeh Delivers Chic Rock-pop Anthem About Social Façades

A new song from Nadia Vaeh dropped 26th March!

This is a super-catchy pop song with genius lyrics. 'Never Leave The Basement' truly tells a story about the façade of social media, and striving to appear perfect there, while your own personal world isn't quite the same picture.

Despite the tragic subject matter, this is an uplifting track nonetheless; the song becomes an anthem which unites everyone caught in this predicament. Perhaps you suffer from mental health or financial issues and find an escape in social media, yet deep down you long for real, human connection above anything else. The song has a real depth to it in the raw subject matter yet also in the instrumentation, which anthemic percussion and arena-worthy synths.

The production and arrangement of the track are absolutely flawless. One can't help but think to the likes of Ava Max and Carly Rae Jepsen, and Vaeh clearly demonstrates an incredible pop-writing ability. Yet she refrains from being too bubblegum, with the inclusion of raucous rock guitar and a grungier vocal here and there.

'Never Leave The Basement' is available now to stream and download on all major digital platforms.

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