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neuromantic chillwave from pagan interface

pagan interface will intrigue you with an entrancing "neuromantic chillwave" album, combining classic trip hop, synthwave and lofi...

'orbital mechanics and effects on inner circuitry' - now that's a title. Be enticed into the world of the artist from the very onset, with opening track 'the blossoming'. There are brutalist sounds that seem to be beamed down from space throughout this album. The second track introduces a Massive Attack style heavy bass-line and the same metallic-sounding clammers pierce through the mix, seemingly uprooted from some alien landscape. 'heartdrive apocaplyse' leans mainly towards trip-hop and it will sway you into a slight state of unease with it's disturbing chord sequence and production. The likes of Tricky and Moby can be felt within this work, whilst there are traces of more modern icons Sophie and Sevdaliza too, yet it offers something entirely unique.

Within this chaotic musical mesh, a personal favourite track of ours is track 6 with its Portishead-leaning feel. There is order to be found within the soothing rhythms throughout, the beat of a kick drum, the crackle of a snare. Here and there, a jazzy sample - an organ, a piano. This is a true web of genre and instrumentation. 'nervous spambot' has a cheeky feel, with computer-esque sounds meshed with textures provided from reverb-drenched human vocals. This is a fusion of the human and the artificial. 'the elder queens' possesses elements of 90s dance and 80s synthpop, as does 'mercury retrograde', which reaches a synth frenzy, in a manner reminiscent of a video game track. Track 12, with both its very long title and its medley of sound with throw you off slightly, and we do feel that this album seeks to unsettle as well as to uplift. It looks to urge the listener to exit their comfort zone, and for that we admire the boldness of the artist here. Closing track 'steady flutter' will spook you and have you dancing. We can't wait for a dancefloor asap, yet this album could also be listened to while running, meditating, walking or simply being. It is a soundtrack to all of our complex human emotions.

The artist comments:

this is my "lockdown" album; music from someone who despite his efforts to be out of reach from the "real world" as much as he can afford still is subject to its influences and their ramifications and ripples.

All in all, this is a cohesive and poignant body of work that will invite you to reconsider what you thought you knew about music. There are no 'rules', and this is proof of that. Seriously, we've never heard anything quite like this. It's other-worldly and relatable all at the same time; in equal measures energetic as it is relaxing. This strange, ethereal music is sure to open your mind.

The album is available now to download on Bandcamp now, and will be released on all the major platforms June 15th.

For more pagan interface: Instagram | Website | Soundcloud


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