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New single & video: julianne - ‘path i choose’

julianne is an artist who captures the nuances in life that her listeners can relate to, weaving together play with passion, sexy with wholesome, party with honor, power with gentility, wild with tame.Together with co-producer Chris Anger, she creates a distinctive, captivating hybrid that transcends genre boundaries.

Now julianne has shared her powerful new offering ‘path i choose’. The pulsing single combines a pop-rock infused soundscape with cathartic and empowering lyrics that express julianne’s inner-monologue at a time of feeling lost.

Speaking about the new single, julianne states:

“[it] marks a dynamic shift in my life. deciding to go right or left...or turn around. I was stuck in my habitual ways, unable to move forward until something changed. Writing this song helped me make the decision to move on, to leave and grow, instead of stay and continue to be unhappy. ‘path I choose’ resembles a fight back for freedom, a stance on admitting where you are wrong and doing what it takes to make your life what you want it to be.”

julianne has once again demonstrated her ability to tackle powerful teachings and encourage listeners to gain spiritual wealth, to speak their truth, and transcend human suffering.

Watch the lyric video:

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