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ORCA releases relatable track "Insomnia"

ORCA is the brain child of multi-instrumentalist Lydia Eastman who taught herself to play guitar at age 12 and jammed out with friends in garage bands that played local talent shows during the early 2000s. These formative years were defined by a love for classic rock like Queen and The Beatles, 2000s hard rock such as Funeral For A Friendand Thrice, and melody-driven pop-punk bands like New Found Gloryand Eisley. After taking a few years off of playing music to attend college for linguistics where she spent all of her free time traveling the world, Lydia finally returned to the music scene during the Covid-19 pandemic to form ORCA. Her latest single, Insomnia, was released in January 2023 and it features Lydia’s sister, Sarah, as a vocalist alongside Lydia. The pair worked together to weave lyrical content that slowly pulls listeners in and then keeps them with an ear catching chorus. Insomnia is part of the upcoming Ghosts EP that aims to piece together driving guitar, melodic riffs, and whimsical piano that are all a nod to the early influences while also being underpinned by modern indie rock.

The track is about the frustration of not being able to sleep and being left alone to deal with the ghosts in your head when no one else is available to distract you from your creeping thoughts. ORCA tried to make the music reflect that sentiment and pull listeners through the beauty and frustration of being forced awake by their own body and suddenly having free time to observe and reflect in the darkness.

If you don't want to miss the release of her first EP 'Ghosts', make sure you follow ORCA:


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