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Otis Infrastructure Releases ‘In A Room’

Otis Infrastructure is a dynamic trio based in NYC and the new album is titled ‘In A Room’.  With elements of indie rock & pop, Otis Infrastructure blends it all together to make up one bold sound.  ‘In A Room’ offers up alternative edge and experimental measures that takes the listener on one amazing journey.

This band is made up of: Dean Essner on guitar & vocals, Mike Perri on bass and Alex Torres on drums & vocals.  Together, this group delivers explosive energy on this 12-song set.  ‘In A Room’ has plenty of area to explore and something for everyone.

The record kicks off with the title track, “In A Room”, that provides infectious riffs and a killer hook.  This catchy style on the opening number will keep the listener engaged from start to finish.  Next, Otis Infrastructure is heading “Out Of A Room” where you’re receiving an edgier performance overall.  Whether “In A Room” or “Out Of A Room”, you will surely enjoy your stay.  Moving on, “Robin Hood” is shooting a bright, musical arrow into your ears that will certainly ignite your senses.  Track four, “Static Unlearned”, contains a calming breeze that swiftly rushes past you as Otis Infrastructure delivers a dynamite performance.  “Razor’s Edge” is next and this song is a cut above the rest with a smooth texture that is sharp to the touch.  “String & Vine” is rich in taste down to the last drop where a lot of pressing matters are at play here.  Get ready to take a sentimental spin on “Ballad For A Yesterday” where the seconds are ticking away one note at a time.  “Movie On A Lake” is now playing and making a BIG splash.  Otis Infrastructure is bringing “Movie On A Lake” to life right before your ears, so don’t forget the popcorn!  Track nine, “Gale Winds”, will blow you away with a strong gust of musical delight that fills the entire airspace.  Next, “Unclenched Fist” is a pure KO and powerful punch that hits on every level proving to be a real crowd-pleaser.  “Room (Reprise)” appears to be quiet as you enter and then the listener will abruptly exit the track as visiting hours are over.  Otis Infrastructure gives a fantastic finale on “The Red House” where this seems like the place to be.  This last song is warm ‘n’ inviting and makes you want to come closer to “The Red House”.

Otis Infrastructure has built the ideal album for today as ‘In A Room’ has so many interesting dimensions & layers.  ‘In A Room’ is inventive, fun and thought-provoking all at the same time.  Otis Infrastructure will certainly catch your attention with this new release, so please do enter ‘In A Room’ and stay awhile!

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