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'oxytocin' is the remarkable new anthem from US star Azariel Fly

Championed by CLOUT, VENTS, 1883 Magazine and Spotify playlist curators, 'oxytocin' is certainly turning heads within the industry. Fusing afrobeat, pop, hip-hop and R&B together to create his innovative sound, Azariel Fly takes listeners through multiple genres and emotions to convey his remarkable story. A burst of euphoria radiates throughout the track giving it a summer glow, what more could you want from music being released in summer?

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Azariel Fly states, “oxytocin is a song that brings a pure, joyous vibe to anyone’s day. I want to make people dance and in the song, it expresses the sensations and “emotions humans will feel when they’re experiencing that love & joy.”

A track that details to tell your loved ones that you care, whether it being platonically or romantically, 'oxytocin' is an important release that will go down in Azariel Fly's discography as his greatest achievement to date. Teaming up with vocalist BLA for the captivating release, this track feels like an instant classic.


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