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PARK DAYS releases vibrant debut track ‘Down And Out’

Brighton-based musician Sam Thrussell has released his debut single 'Down and Out' under his new solo project, Park Days. The single is a refreshing take on indie-pop with a sound that is both vibrant and heartfelt.

Sam Thrussell is a member of the acclaimed band, Dutch Criminal Record. The success of the band has seen them sell out tours across the UK and Europe, receive national radio play, and feature in tastemaker press and Spotify Editorial Playlists. Sam has now decided to embark on a solo project, Park Days, and 'Down and Out' is his first release.

The track is built around bright, jangling guitars, a gently swaying beat, driving bass, and subtle synths. Sam's impeccable ear for melodies and simplistic yet impactful indie-pop songwriting is evident in the track. The pitch-shifted guitar riff that opens the song sets an upbeat sonic tone that is soon contrasted by the reflective, melancholic lyricism. The boxy, lightly distorted vocals glide above the soundscape, creating a sound that is comparable to The Strokes as it is to Blur.

The inspiration for the track came from Sam's experimentation with a guitar tuning used by folk artist Nick Drake. The song started as an acoustic song about processing loss, something that many people experienced in 2020. Sam admits that he was too lazy to set up a mic while demoing the song, so he plugged an electric guitar straight into his computer, resulting in a full band arrangement that evokes the spirit of The Strokes. After struggling to record the song himself, Sam went to Rob Quickenden at Ford Lane where they tracked it in a day. They experimented with different ideas in the afternoon, including adding organ and toy pianos to channel their inner Pet Sounds.

'Down and Out' is a well-crafted debut single from Park Days that showcases Sam's talent as a songwriter and musician. The track's upbeat sound and reflective lyrics make it a must-listen for fans of indie-pop. We look forward to hearing more from Park Days in the future.


Instagram: @park.days


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