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Phil Gammage Delivers ‘Redeemed’

Phil Gammage is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist who is originally from Texas and now resides in New York.  Going from the south to the east coast, Phil Gammage’s journey can be heard loud & clear on the new album titled ‘Redeemed’.  Playing to the tune of Americana, Phil

Gammage delivers a knockout performance with his latest release.  As a musician, historian and fiction writer, Gammage was able to put all these skills to the test and in the end is ‘Redeemed’.

With elements of blues, pop and country, Phil Gammage puts his own unique spin on each song.  Through gritty vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, ‘Redeemed’ is sure to catch your attention.  The record features: Phil Gammage on lead and background vocals, guitars, harmonica, marimba, keyboards, Michael Fox on drums, Jeff Gordon on bass, Johnny Young  on keyboards, Brian Hack on guitar, David Fleming on harmonica and Joe Nieves and Lizzie Edwards on background vocals.  With

the help of some of New York’s top musicians, Phil Gammage has put together dynamite recordings and the result is ‘Redeemed’.

The record kicks off with “Good Place” where a down-to-earth tone hits you immediately.  “Good Place” offers that human touch and has a friendly vibe that is very welcoming.  I really want to go to this spot

whether it is real or fictitious because it seems like such a “Good Place”!  Rolling on, we hear “Right On” next where Phil is telling a vivid story that appeals to a wide audience.  In the words of Matthew McConaughey, “Right On” “Right On”!  Track three, “Woman in the Window”, is a telling tale about a woman that offers the listener a sense of mystique & wonder.  An enticing melody hits your ears on the title track, “Redeemed”, that draws you in with its infectious hook. 

“Redeemed” is literally music to my ears with all of the fulfilling notes & lyrics and promising sound.  You are in for some “Serious Trouble” next as Phil takes you on a wild ride where trouble never sounded so sweet.  On the following number, “Johnny Lee”, the listener will receive a care-free demeanor that flows like a cool stream of water.  Phil Gammage has created one hell of a character in “Johnny Lee” as the stage is set and the mood is right.  Track seven, “Messages from the Grave” offers a mysterious touch and haunting presence as Gammage delivers a soul-stirring performance.  “Prisoner of Love” is next and this song is soft ‘n’ subtle while still serving up a big dose of power that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.  It’s time to get down to “Phil’s Boogie” where the groove will take you over and not let go.

Prepare to soak up “The Rain” now where this tune is flowing at a slow ‘n’ steady pace.  “The Rain” is pouring out of your speaker box and latching onto you with its infectious hook.  The final six songs are all bonus tracks and each one with its own flavor and identity.  On “Taking Me Back to Third Street”, Phil takes you on a casual stroll through a mix of catchy chords and bright notes.  The next few tracks are raw ‘n’ gritty in texture and stripped down as it all hits straight to the core.

Gammage ends on an outrageously fun note with “Man on the Run-out take” that will be running through your memory bank for days to come.

I am very impressed with Phil Gammage and his dedication to this project that is ‘Redeemed’.  I can sense the blood, sweat and tears that went into the making of this record, so I commend Phil Gammage and the rest of the musicians on a job well done!  I look forward to hearing more from the multi-talented Phil Gammage but for now enjoy the rich music on ‘Redeemed’.


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