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Pio Hartnett is back on the scene with a new release: Roses

The new year is starting on a right note with a brand new release from Pio Hartnett. The new song is titled Roses, and it feels like a truly outstanding combination of indie music and pop, among other styles. The track is a really diverse and kaleidoscopic blend of influences, which feels so direct and one-of-a-kind, highlighting Pio’s unique personality. This kind of music is all about charisma, and Pio definitely knows what he is doing in terms of making all the pieces of this musical puzzle fit in to absolute perfection!

Roses is an excellent song with a lot of energy. It should definitely be right up your alley if you do enjoy the sound of artists such as John Mayer, Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz, only to mention but a few. Much like the aforementioned performers, Pio is really all about keeping an open mind, and go for a more spontaneous vibe that really fits with this particular genre.

Find out more about Pio Hartnett, and do not miss out on Roses, which is currently available on streaming platforms:


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