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Pop trio Lucy Dreams is back with their latest single ‘Silver Lines’

Welcome to Curious For Music, Lucy Dreams! Please tell us more about your new single ‘Silver Lines’?

“Silver Lines“ is a song with which we explore the mysterious space between reality and beyond, between black and white. We all move on this silver line, oscillating between our conscious and unconscious thoughts and our diverse perceptions of reality.

The track was written with your A.I. writing partner ‘Lucy’, could you tell us a little about Lucy and how she came to be?

Lucy is the artificial band member of our trio, an independent system of digital and analogue effects, which we developed specifically for music production. Lucy could be understood as an A.I. - however, the connection between her and us is a far more intimate one, as Lucy is deeply involved in the songwriting process. So, at the very least, Lucy deserves the title of A.B., an artificial band member.

How has collaborating with Lucy changed your writing style and sound?

Lucy has been there since the big bang of our band. She coined our sound and all the music we have released so far bears the hallmarks of her digital activity. Every song contains her digital contributions, actually every song lives off her input.

Do you all have to be in a certain mood to write?

We alway try to launch ourselves into new realities. We believe that one day we will have expanded our senses and physically feel words or hear sunsets. With this in mind we go about composing music.

The video to Silver Lines is very striking, what was the inspiration behind it?

We had the honor to collaborate with Esther Stocker for this one. I met Esther in a dining car,

once. She sat across from me, we got to talking, and in the end I left her a business card from Lucy. A few days later she followed us on Instagram. And we followed back. I was immediately taken with her art. So much meaning in this minimalism... It's amazing! By the way, we also set a sculpture by Esther to music with Lucy. Afterwards she asked us if we wanted to make a video together. Dutzi Ijsenhower gave us the face, Esther made the suits and we shot with buero butter. The most

diverse forms of artistic expression intertwine. That fascinates me.

If your music was a fashion style, what would it be?

Definitely golden!

What can we expect next from Lucy Dreams?

SciFi worlds, potential dreamscapes, realistic scenarios. All in relation to our digital counterpiece Lucy. We will not envision dystopias, no SkyNet, no technocratic apocalypse. We wanna show that today's challenges don’t lie within the machine but in mankind. With unified strengths, we try to confront the core issues of our times in an alarmed and solution-oriented manner, consequently drawing inspiration for new stuff. For example the LP “Götterfunken“.


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