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Post-Punk Band 'Church Party' Reveals Their Raw Debut EP 'Cut The Colours'

Manchester's Church Party debuts their debut EP 'Cut The Colours', a 5-track creation recorded and produced by Bob Cooper. The band crafts an expansive sonic blend, fusing fuzzy punk with catchy pop melodies. Rooted in their city's mood, Church Party's music embodies raw emotion. Themes of sex parties, heartbreak, and recovery unfold across the tracks, set against a backdrop of post-punk, sixties pop, and fuzzy English grunge.

The lead single 'Back In The Room' exemplifies their sound. Inspired by a friend's struggles with mental health, the track's verses blend dissonant guitars with funk-infused basslines, mirroring the friend's current state of being. In contrast, the chorus channels sixties-pop vibes, infusing whimsy and harmonies that reference a sequence of dreams about a breakup.

Church Party's EP 'Cut The Colours' marks their official return after reforming in 2022, capturing their hard work and initiative. Despite a hiatus due to challenges such as addiction, frontman Tommy Stewart triumphantly returns with a vocal showcase that navigates addiction, depression, and sexuality. The band, comprising Matt Downes, Michael Copp, Richard Stewart, and Tommy Stewart, offers a dynamic musical journey. The EP is available on streaming platforms and as a limited vinyl run of 100 copies.

Listen to Cut The Colours:


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