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R&B Artist Adreyn Cash Unleashes Expansive New Single ‘Like I Was Here’

Adreyn Cash's musical journey takes an expansive and soul-stirring turn with his latest offering, "Like I Was Here." The London-hailing, Jamaica-born singer, songwriter, and producer, known for his emotionally charged artistry, has already made a significant mark on the British music scene. Following the acclaim of his EP 'Illusions' and recognition in the 2022 MOBO Unsung class, Adreyn Cash now delves deeper into the realms of pop and R&B, showcasing his distinctive vocal cadence and sophisticated production style.

"Like I Was Here" is an emotive journey where Cash masterfully guides listeners through intimate vignettes that explore the profound feeling of invisibility. Building on the foundation of 'Illusions,' which received acclaim from BBC Radio 1Xtra, Reprezent Radio, and esteemed publications like Flaunt Magazine and Elicit Magazine, Cash's latest offering envelops its audience in a poetic and ambient moment of self-reflection.

In discussing the meaning behind the track, Adreyn Cash reveals that "Like I Was Here" is a poignant cry to friends, family, and an industry he feels overlooked in. It resonates with anyone who has experienced the weight of feeling unappreciated and unseen. Adreyn's signature topline, influenced by the sinuous rhythms of R&B, carries listeners through his authentic and raw experiences, creating a mosaic of challenging musings. Supported by unhurried drum patterns that build anticipation toward an impactful and euphonious chorus, Adreyn Cash's unapologetic and genuine approach leaves an indelible mark on his work, offering a soulful balm to the emotions of all who listen.


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