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R&B riser Sid Batham unveils soulful debut album 'Good Love'

Sid Batham is back with his debut album ‘Good Love’. The energy-boosting offering flaunts funk-fuelled rhythms, vintage synths and Sid’s soaring vocals. The album started life like all of Sid’s songs; at his home studio and was finished and mixed by Rob Brinkmann at Kite Yard, Battersea. All parts are played by Sid himself, co-producing the record alongside Brinkmann. ‘Good Love’ blends both old and new, it’s classic yet timeless. It’s a mix of glitch soul and new electronica that defies easy definition. After the release of his 'The Demo Tapes' EP in 2019, Sid locked himself away in the studio once again to work on his debut album. The multi-instrumentalist experimented over and over with his new set of songs, determined to outdo what had come before. Sid shares: “This feels like the truest fully realised vision of what I was trying to do previously. Everything has been done live so it's much more raw — no cutting corners”.

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