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Radiant artist Callum Crighton unleashes transcending debut EP 'Lazer Police: The Musical"

Multi-talented songwriter Callum Crighton specialises in creating electronic pop music mixed with a synthwave attire. Back with the exceptional debut EP 'Lazer Police: The Musical', Callum's new EP dropped on June 4th, and it's certainly making waves throughout the industry. Receiving love from the likes of EARMILK, CLOUT, We Plug Good Music and more, this distinctive performer oozes with talent.

Sharing his thoughts on 'Universal Hand', taken from the debut EP, Callum shares, "This track was inspired by the loneliness yet togetherness one can feel from the age of digital communication. It has an old school 80's ballad sound with a more modern upbeat drum movement to connect the nostalgic ideals of the past with the electronic realities of the present. This track could loosely be seen as a reference to the isolation people felt during the 2020 pandemic, but extends much further, and can also be about the loneliness one may feel within themselves.”

Lazer Police: The Musical is out worldwide now - and it's truly an immersive experience filled with vibrant colours.


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