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Record label 'Jesus Rode a Dinosaur' Release Epic Compilation Album

Evil, in Diana is the second release from the record label, Jesus Rode a Dinosaur. It features seven songs by artists signed to the label, and an 8th song featuring Emmy Award Winner, Matthew Madonia. The eight song compilation album is executive produced by label owner, Groove Kennedy. Let's take a closer listen...

Opening track 'Fleetwood Dreams' is a remix of the popular track from Fleetwood Mac, featuring London vocalist Madame Stir Krazy. It features a fun, hip-hop beat as a refreshing variation on the original. The instruments are all played fantastically, and it's a super uplifting cover, with gorgeous touches of dreamy synth too.

The next track 'One Less City, One Last Town' is contributed by Label ace Ce N’est Rien. It has a distorted rock sound, with real grit and grunge, like something of mid-90s Seattle. 'Smoke' is a bluesy, country style song from Banner Johnson, a blues artist from North Carolina.

The album includes appearances from New York rappers, Neezy Noe and Jazmin Blue, along with rapper P Stew. P Stew provides a silky smooth delivery over the song, “Right Now” which fits right in with what a listener might hear on any urban top 40 station across the country. This is a great track with loads of charisma and a confident, feel-good vibe. The production is a little more experimental on this one, and we're enjoying this. Track 5 is a series of 'Red Dawn Album Snippets', this time from group Grey Lady Ghost.

'Bubblegum' is the lead single from the album and has enjoyed some brilliant success over on Tiktok. The song along with the hashtag #bubblegumgroove has over 100,000 unique views, and the song hit the top ten of two world markets on iTunes including the top five in South Africa. This is a song, which like bubblegum, is bound to stick! The penultimate song is an instrumental track from Tampa based producer, Gay Enola Gay, and compliments the other tracks on the album really well. It has gospel vocal samples, unusual detuned and electric pianos before erupting into a beat with saxophone.

Spoken word artist, Matthew Madonia, who isn’t signed to the label, won an Emmy Award for his spoken word, and has contributed the eight and final track on this incredibly diverse album. A real treat for music lovers everywhere; make sure to go and check it out for yourself!

Stream the new compilation album Evil, in Diana right here:


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