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REUNIØN Continue Their Emphatic Journey With 'Never Breaking Up'

Rising duo REUNIØN have recently embarked on an emphatic journey together. Since releasing music, REUNIØN has been the creative outlet for producers Eliot James and Jon Green who perfectly utilise the opportunity to embed their own vision onto a finely sculpted landscape of sound. This is no different with their brand-new single ‘Never Breaking Up’.

REUNIØN carefully constructed ‘Never Breaking Up’ by truly letting the music do the talking. “We wanted this song to embody the beauty, the fireworks, the hope and the grandeur of those feelings- to do those feelings justice by jumping out the speakers a bit more with a bigger sound than before”, the duo continued to explain. Taking a leap from their recent sound ‘Never Breaking Up’ has all the beautiful harmonics that we’re used to from REUNIØN but with a more aspirational and dynamic taste. The track has you engrossed from the beginning and inspired by the ability of the duo to create a sense of fulfilment as the record moves throughout and allows listeners to feel every long-lasting emotion. Check out the single right here:



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