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Richard Jellinek Fuses Classic With Futuristic With Showstopping Rock Ballad

We previously spoke to Richard Jellinek as part of our 'Get To Know' series a couple months back (read it here). Now we're delighted to announce that his new single 'For Your Love' has just dropped. We're taking a look and a listen, so come join us...

Richard Jellinek is a songwriter, producer and above all guitarist from Poland. He is constantly infusing his music with unique and powerful messages. 'For Your Love' is no exception, as it truly seeks to conquer the rock power ballad market and be remembered for years to come. It is certainly worthy of doing so.

Beyond basic rock and roll, Jellinek’s goal as an artist is to spread the emphasis and the effect of each song to the listeners' head, heart and body. By taking this approach to his music, his performances, and his writing, Jellinek delivers true-to-life rock music that will resonate with the masses.

Richard provides a rock vocal (it's another Richard Jellinek talent - to hire the best vocalist for his music - Lukky from Chile) which is attention grabbing and the music is captivating from start to finish - firstly we’re warmed up with something a little more mellow before the song erupts into a full-blown band chorus. Richard's sound is ‘classic’ rock here, whilst the visual he has cleverly chosen to pair it with offers a point of contrast...


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