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Rock Artist Proph3t of RAG3 Releases Devilish New Track

Dark-step, rock artist Proph3t of RAG3 has just dropped his latest track 'Demonic'.


The Florida-based artist uses gothic, sultry tunes to identify with the darker parts of all of us. This gothic track, which features a compelling vocal from Samantha Bower, is certainly no exception. In 'Demonic', Proph3t of RAG3 candidly shares the power of doing what it takes to get what he wants in life. This is an intense dark exploration of being human. It doesn't hold back on the deathly symbolism and the less fluffy elements of life.

This is a haunting and heavy hip-hop rock track. It's equal measures human and other-worldly, not quite fitting in a particular time or place. It speaks for the darker side within all of us, and twists and turns much like life itself. The lyrics are menacing yet also entrancing and welcoming, whilst the 'dark-step' beat itself grips you from the start. Enjoy the brilliant layers of experimental production and the candid vocals. This is an unforgettable track and something we haven't heard before. That's a rare feat, to create music which is both memorable and unique. Proph3t of RAG3's art will linger long after listening...

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