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Samtrackz Upcoming Single Is A Surefire Winner

‘Win’ is a slickly produced hip hop track bursting at the seams with catchy hooks and slapping snares. Samtrackz clearly has a knack for creating the catchiest of bars that make you come back to his tracks time and time again.

There’s an effortless fusion of acoustic and electric within this track. The piano sails through the soundscape, creating a beautiful harmony and melodic movement. The dynamic drum line shape-shifts throughout the track, allowing the highs and lows of Samtrackz production to shine through. The transitions within this track are seamless and, quite frankly, utter ear candy. As the track moves into a beautiful musical breakdown, the sonic universe Samtrackz has created morphs into a stunning synth-soaked section. Sailing over it all is Samtrackz himself. His vocals are outstanding and cut through the mix like crystal. There’s an understated melodic shape to his vocal line, that creates a captivating colour in the whole track. Lyrically, ‘Win’ boasts some seriously clever rhymes as he rides the beat with all the power of a total pro. It’s a track rooted in that feeling of not quite having lost, yet victory seems still so far away. ‘Win’ could easily be a club classic when it’s released on the 30th of March. Yet at the same time, could be the perfect morning motivation track. The energy that Samtrackz offers up is electric, making ‘Win’ is an anthem for those never giving up on their grind.

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'Win' IS OUT ON 30TH OF MARCH 2022


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