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SATRE 'Stay Away': A Melodic Tapestry Of Comfort And Adventure

Singer-songwriter SATRE, a prominent figure in the UK's street performance scene, has unleashed his latest creation, 'Stay Away', a compelling Indie Folk-Pop track set to be the anthem of sun-drenched summer days and beyond. With its infectious melodies and spirited road trip vibe, the song radiates positivity, inspiring listeners to embrace life's vibrancy and distance themselves from anything that impedes their aspirations.

SATRE's personal journey, from his roots in Stockholm to the bustling streets of London, serves as the backdrop for 'Stay Away'. The artist, who made a name for himself as one of the country's most accomplished street performers, found himself at a pivotal moment after relocating in 2018. It was the compassionate advice from his sibling that fuelled the creation of this uplifting single.

'Stay Away' showcases SATRE's unique blend of emotional storytelling, drawing from the tranquillity of Swedish nature and the dynamism of British urban life. Influenced by musical luminaries like Bon Iver and The Lumineers, SATRE's Indie Folk-Pop compositions weave a tapestry of comfort, melancholy, and nostalgia.

As the song invites listeners to embark on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery, SATRE's lyrics traverse the spectrum of human experience. From life's darkest moments to the brilliance of fleeting everyday joys, 'Stay Away' delivers an uplifting musical experience that resonates deeply with the soul.


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