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Singer-Songwriter Lance Rodriguez Releases Visuals For Latest Single ‘11Eleven’

Lance Rodriguez, the talented US singer-songwriter, has recently graced us with the visuals for his latest single '11Eleven,' a captivating track taken from his debut album 'Empath.' With a musical style that effortlessly blends acoustic, pop, and soul elements, Lance crafts a hybrid pop sound that is both diverse and emotionally charged.

'11Eleven' is a song that encapsulates Lance's desire to convey his deepest emotions through his songwriting. It invites listeners to explore their own feelings while Lance delves into the profound impact that the fear of failure can have on our lives. However, the song isn't just about acknowledging these fears; it's about overcoming them. The soft piano melodies and accompanying acoustic guitar lines create an uplifting soundscape that serves as the perfect backdrop for Lance Rodriguez's empowering message.

Lance's debut album 'Empath,' released in July to wide acclaim. Now, he is gearing up for an exciting European tour throughout September, bringing his music to an international audience. The release of the '11Eleven' video adds another layer of depth to his artistic expression and reaffirms his commitment to touching hearts and souls through his music.


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