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Singer-Songwriter Lance Rodriguez Unvails Compelling Debut Album ‘Empath’

US Singer-songwriter Lance Rodriguez has released his debut album 'Empath', a 9-track offering that follows his 2022 debut EP 'Dark Light'. Known for his highly personal and varied pop sound, Lance weaves acoustic, pop, and soul elements throughout his music.

'Empath' continues Lance's trend of showcasing his development as a songwriter. The album delves into his life and emotions, touching on themes of love, romance, sex, vulnerability, transparency, and nostalgia. Through his lyrics, Lance aims to channel emotions and encourages his audience to explore their own.

Hailing from California, Lance's musical journey started in church, where he learned the emotional power of music. His goal is to inspire crowds with music that connects on a meaningful level. His success is evident, with recent sold-out shows and plans for a European tour.

Listen Below:


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