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SMAIBLUE Creates A Haunting Soundscape

UK-based artist SMAIBLUE showcases a talent for crafting haunting soundscapes on latest album. Let’s delve into the track called ‘Shabu Shabu in Nagoya’ taken from the album ‘Lunar Dreams’ (2020). This is the penultimate track of the LP and it is a gentle and soothing number which is sure to stay with you after you’ve heard it. An instrumental song featuring only reverb-drenched piano, though the track is minimal it is rich and memorable.

SMAIBLUE remains rather elusive with little information available in terms of a biography or even of a whereabouts. Alas, that only makes us want to know more and perhaps for that, we should turn to the music. SMAIBLUE has recently spoken up on an Instagram post: “2021 will start out tough for us all, but I'm feeling strangely optimistic. Let's show our community spirit next year and overcome these times.” It seems that this is an artist who invites the listener into their own universe and encourages self-reflection whilst hoping that through discovering more about yourself you will find some optimism and hope, and engage with others.

The beautiful artwork for the LP was created by Amy ( - a full moon lurks, tucked behind layers of blue and purple. This hazy oil pastel picture perfectly compliments SMAIBLUE’s music.

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Stream and download the album here, including ‘Shabu Shabu in Nagoya’ here:


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