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Snowdropping: A Mesmerising New Single from The Lost Gecko

Cork-based alt-pop, folk band The Lost Gecko have just released their latest single 'Snowdropping', and it is truly a song you mustn't miss...

The rhythm, melody and style of this production are absolutely addictive, and you might find yourself hitting the play button over and over again! Yes, it’s that good. A first taste of Snowdropping and you’re going to be hook for quite some time. The perfectly formulated mix is a match made in heaven with The Lost Gecko’s artistry, revealing his distinctive personality and his ability to blend in different styles so seamlessly. The song features a dash of indie and other influences, including rock and pop. If you like Francis Moon, The Fray and Coldplay, you should definitely give Snowdropping a play! The listening experience is unparalleled, revealing the artist’s passion and care for creating quality music that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. This is exactly what happens when you make music not to follow trends, but to simply create something special and follow your heart in doing something that matters!

Find out more about The Lost Gecko, and listen to Snowdropping, which is now available on all of the best digital music streaming services out there, including Spotify:

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