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You'll See One Day Release New Single: Sober

Released on the 3rd of January 2022, You'll See One Day, a three-piece band from Aussie, have certainly started out this year as they mean to go on, with a BANG, in this huge new single: Sober.

With a chorus that absolutely erupts and explodes with passion and energy, this track is one that is of seriousness, in terms of its lyrics, but equally, gives off chaotic vibrancy, in its production. With the powerful vocals of Nathan Peachy, you will no doubt experience ultimate goosebumps, as he sings:

‘When I drink from the bottle, get out of the way. Go hide and pray for me’.

The lyrics dive into the psyche of an individual itching to get away and in some way, restart their life again, as they reflect on their past, in which they wish were a better person for someone else. Whilst also dealing with guilt and shame, expressed throughout the lyrical content, and using drink to numb the pain, You'll See One Day draw on a sad but honest story.

Sonically, the intro of the song lulls you in with its gentle acoustic guitar strumming, courtesy of Travis Presley, before hot and filthy riffs are brought in too with an electrifying drum beat by Lee Elliot.

Together, the three blokes from Melbourne have created a beastly track – one that is bound to make its way around the land Australia and soon the rest of the world, in no time.

You can listen to the track for yourself on Spotify, as well as other streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with You'll See One Day, you can follow them on their relevant social media pages, here.


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