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Solarrio Drops Dazzling Debut Album 'All the Wrong Places'

Independent multi-talented musician Solarrio has just released his highly anticipated debut album, 'All the Wrong Places'. This 14-track self-produced masterpiece, crafted in the artistic hotspots of Berlin and Los Angeles, takes listeners on a synth-driven journey through groovy rhythms and bombastic beats, wrapped in a cinematic ambiance that immerses audiences in a world of vibrant colors and intense emotions.

Raised in a household with a deep appreciation for classical music, Solarrio developed an increasing interest in pop, hip-hop, and electronic music during his formative years. 'All the Wrong Places' is the culmination of his experiences and musical evolution. The album’s cheerful, carefree atmosphere belies its emotional depth, reflecting Solarrio's journey from classical roots to pop music innovation. This path is a testament to the power of adapting to change while staying true to one’s artistic vision. The cutting-edge production pays homage to the past while firmly planting its feet in the present.

Released independently on Playel Records, the album features collaborations with Holland Izz, Dusty G Fuller, Lenka Shockley, and Nnaji. The result is an inventive and captivating mix of songs that serve as a vibrant tribute to the '80s R&B and funk genres, infused with contemporary flair. The album was meticulously mastered at Los Angeles' The Bakery Studios, ensuring every track is polished to perfection.

'All the Wrong Places' transports listeners into a realm of engaging soundscapes. With a wide variety of songs showcasing his extensive range of musical inspirations, Solarrio demonstrates his ability to move across genres with elegance and ease. This album embodies his essence as a musician and artist, seamlessly blending strong genre foundations with a modern touch.


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