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Sora’s in Danger Releases Latest Album: The World Around Us Is Falling Apart

With a profound title that resonates remarkably well, especially in the climate the entire world is in right now, Sora’s in Danger releases latest album, The World Around Us Is Falling Apart.

Consisting of thirteen songs, this is assumedly a project born because of the pandemic crises, which has been an overwhelming experience for the world to deal with, or not deal with it, some may say. Nevertheless, this set of musical work is some of Sora's in Danger best, exploring taboo notions such as drugs as well as touching on the most resounding feelings there is out there to experience – love and heartbreak.

An artist very much reminiscent of Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd and others like Lil Uzi Vert, Sora's in Danger is sonically (and heavily) influenced by the musical art of American rappers.

I wonder if this album is inspired directly by the likes of Juice WRLD actually, whose name represents ‘taking over the world’. The concept therefore feels very meta, which may in fact be the whole and clever intention behind the album.

‘I haven’t seen you in months’ is a line that sticks out for me, from the fifth track titled Away. A resistant and conflicted voice talks in this track, singing ‘I don’t even know what to say’ and ‘I’m losing my mind.’ Apart is a song that is like this one in terms of its narrative, although we are introduced to more incredible talent from Zateb here, who brings a tight and fast-paced verse to the track that contrasts beautifully with Sora's in Danger more relaxed intonations, in which he shows off in this song. Snippets from a phone conversation too, add another perspective to the record, making the listening experience more interesting.

Back Then is a nostalgic track in terms of its lyrical content, which features an unexpected sample of Pink’s song Try, bringing optimism to the whole feeling of the album, therefore making itself one of my favourites from the bunch. The album closes with a fun track called Thanks To You which highlights some fascinating synth-lines and satisfying vocal countermelodies.

Being a talented, upcoming artist from Queens, New York, Sora's in Danger is one to look out for. To keep up to date with music from Sora's in Danger, you can visit his relevant social media platforms here.

This extraordinary album is out on the 21st of January 2022 on Spotify for you to stream and listen to.


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