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Soran Is Back With Another Stunning Single 'Way Up'

Soran is back with another single this month and it’s a breath of fresh air. The acoustic air of this track is utterly refreshing, and a bit of a shift from the electronic-infused singles we’ve grown accustomed to from this rising star. Following on from the cosmic ‘Space Boy’ then the electronic alt-pop, sad bop ‘Tired’, 2021 saw Soran truly come into his own. This year, he’s expanding his authentically confessional style by stripping back the soundscape and laying it all bare.

Speaking on the track Soran says: ‘Way Up’ is written by a future me talking to a present me about how I got over the pain of losing a loved one.”

The sonic landscape of this is sculpted in such a way that Soran’s vocals shine through, radiating the optimism and hope glowing from the heart of this track. It’s almost impossible to pin down genre-wise. Soran’s whole sound is a captivating concoction of alt-RnB, Lo-Fi and spacey electronics. This track boasts more of a — feel. Yet, like all of his diverse discography, his vocals sail over the soundscape with a powerful performance presence. His tone is, as ever, buttery soft and beautifully intimate. It’s hard not to get swept up in the emotion of this single, yet, we must remember that Soran is urging us (and himself) all the while; “I swear I’ll keep my head way up. I’ll keep on trying.”


Listen to Way Up on SPOTIFY NOW


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