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Sour Ops Rocks the Scene with Edgy Single 'How Rock and Roll You Are'

Sour Ops, a Nashville-based power pop-rock-glam band led by the talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer Price Harrison, has consistently demonstrated their ability to craft precise yet daring music. With influences ranging from T. Rex and AC/DC to the Kinks, the band's latest single, 'How Rock and Roll You Are', showcases their mastery of combining nostalgic riffs with a contemporary edge.

In their quest to capture the raw energy of rock music while delivering cool and catchy tunes, Sour Ops has succeeded once again. 'How Rock and Roll You Are' bursts with electrifying power, courtesy of Price Harrison's blazing guitar work and impassioned vocals. The band effortlessly weaves together elements of folk and country into their power pop-rock-glam foundation, resulting in a sound that is both unique and dynamic.

The track itself is an edgy offering that explores the various dimensions of rock and roll. Sour Ops delves into the subject's choice to embrace the superficial aspects of the "punk" style and fashion associated with rock and roll, rather than embodying its true individualistic and authentic spirit. This introspective exploration adds depth to the already captivating music.

Fans of power pop, rock, and glam will undoubtedly find themselves drawn to the infectious energy and undeniable talent displayed by Sour Ops in their latest single.

Listen to the new single below:


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