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Sterling Spence Shares Emotional Journey with 'Someone Tried to Calm the Storm'

Sterling Spence's latest EP, "Someone Tried to Calm the Storm"is a six-track release offering a glimpse into the songwriter's quest for acceptance and purpose, blending heartfelt storytelling with mesmerizing melodies.

Hailing from the Micronesian Islands and the East Bay, Sterling Spence is a true renaissance man—musician, artist, performer, maker, and nonprofit worker. His work delves into the intersection of justice and faith, inner lives and communal contracts, hope and hopelessness.

"Someone Tried to Calm the Storm" unveils a more subdued side of Sterling Spence's artistry. Written during a period of personal turmoil, the EP tackles questions of purpose, reflects on the end of a relationship, and honors the resilience of community. Despite its personal nature, Sterling's storytelling resonates with a sense of depth and unease, drawing listeners into his world.

Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sterling Spence found himself returning to his roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. This homecoming served as the inspiration for much of "Someone Tried to Calm the Storm", as Sterling reconnected with his community and reflected on the significance of past endeavors.

The EP's focus track, "What You Mean by Home", is a reflective indie-folk tune written during the pandemic in a small town in Missouri. It explores themes of mourning and celebration, grappling with the complexities of finding purpose in familiar yet confining spaces.

So, dim the lights, close your eyes, and let Sterling Spence's soul-stirring melodies wash over you.


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