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Sydney Songstress Pearl Releases New Single 'Honeymoon Suite'

Enigmatic singer-songwriter Pearl returns with indie-pop gem ‘Honeymoon Suite’. The new single shows off the playful side of the Sydney singer-songwriter as she explores the harsh realities of a relationship going sour.

Pearl shares the inspiration behind the new track: “Honeymoon Suite is a song about the romance dying in a relationship. Once you take those rose coloured glasses off you realise you’ve invested in a human that didn’t deserve you and all you want is your money back.”

Enriched with vintage synths and a funk-soaked rhythm, the warm soundscapes are contrasted by Pearl’s cool and sassy vocals, giving the track its bittersweet edge.

Playful in sound, lyrically aggressive and frolicsomeness in performance, Pearl simultaneously feeds the romantic at heart and heartbroken. Follow Pearl on Instagram and Tik Tok


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