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The Bobby Tenderloin Universe - That's All I'm Sayin'

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe is a modern country band who smash out tracks that just make you want to don a western hat and join in on a local line dance.

With deep, rich vocals Bobby puts a fresh spin on country classics which captivates listeners from all walks of life and must tastes. Some recall him as being a little dose of Johnny Cash, Roger Miller and Lee Hazlewood.

Bobby and his band are lifelong friends, and it certainly shows in the way they perform the songs. There are usually seven band members, including drums, bass, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, two secondary vocalists and piano. With unrivaled energy and passion their shows are not to be missed and I truly believe anyone can have a great time with The Bobby Tenderloin Universe.

“One day my buddy, Toothpick, sent me a guitar riff she recorded on her phone. Later that week,I was mowing the lawn with the riff in my head, and the next thing I knew, the whole story came tome in the form of lyrics and melodies and ‘That’s All I’m Sayin’ came to life. I believe the song conveys a specific type of innocence and naivety that most boys have experienced in one way or another. On occasion, I’ve even seen it in grown men, lol.”

Bobby Tenderloin


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