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The Cabin Fevers Release 'Run Baby'

Following a three year hiatus, The Cabin Fevers have returned with their sensational new single 'Run Baby. Trust us, it's been worth the wait. Join us as we take a closer listen to the new track, and give you the low down on this stand-out group of talented musicians...

Having got together in 2014 in Pisa, The Cabin Fevers started crating their own unique shade of music; a blend of Rock Classics, Classic Southern Rock and Rock and Roll. The Cabin Fevers are always searching for grooving guitar riffs, engaging sound and melodic refrains. 'Run Baby' is perhaps their most stand-out track to date. A raucous pulsating guitar melody opens the track, together with a killer lead vocal, before erupting into an insatiable groove. Wow, this track certainly packs a punch. We adore the chorus too, withs it hypnotic rock vibe, and memorable melody. It's delightfully sing-a-long yet also delivers enough attitude-drenched grit to appeal to the rebels amongst us.

With a thematic poignancy that is sure to grab your attention, this song is far from a frivolous track for the masses, ready to target some Spotify playlist. It's a delicious and truly individual blend of rock and roll with a captivating message at its core. What's more, it is sure to stand the test of time. The perfect fusion of modern and classic, it's also sure to appeal to audiences young and old, from all walks of life. The band explains:

“[Run Baby] deals with birth and growth, along with many of the difficulties we and our kids are facing in the world today. We are sure our fans are going to appreciate this song after too long an absence.”

For fans of The Black Crowes, Izzy Stradlin & The Rolling Stones. Rock and roll ain't dead, people! The Cabin Fevers are hear as proof of that.

For more info on The Cabin Fevers: Official Website


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