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The Debut Single from UK Songstress Michelle Ward

UK Singer-songwriter Michelle Ward has spent her career working behind the scenes as a radio presenter and all-round music lover, yet now she turns her focus to her own musical ventures! Her new single 'Dolly Daydreaming' is a glorious introduction to Michelle Ward, and showcases her soulful, melodic edge as a writer and a singer...

Michelle, who hails from Essex, has always enjoyed singing, yet started taking it a lot more seriously when a friend gifted her a keyboard. She has used this as a tool for songwriting, along with a trusty guitar ever since. Yesterday marked the day of her debut release 'Dolly Daydreaming' which you should absolutely check out. Michelle's warm and powerful vocals shine through on this record, and the song is an interesting blend of bitter and sweet in its overall tone and message. We love the juxtaposition of an upbeat rhythm with the slightly dangerous theme.

Michelle explains the origins of this track:

Dolly Daydreaming is about a friend who is having an affair with a married woman. He is infatuated, it's a fiery combination, arguments, game playing, cheating. She cheats on her husband and her lover cheats on her. They are both jealous of each other. He dreams of a perfect life together but nothing kills romance, like a touch of reality. Written in the friends perspective, it shows how friends push, shove you out of the way when a new relationship appears. So best to sit back and watch the fireworks!

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