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The Heroic Enthusiasts' "Tears Run Rings" - A Beautiful Reimagining

New York's New Wave duo, The Heroic Enthusiasts, are back with their latest single, "Tears Run Rings," in collaboration with legendary producer Stephen Hague (known for his work with Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and Blur). The song is a reimagining of Marc Almond's 1988 hit, and it's a shining example of how to pay homage to an iconic track while infusing it with your own unique style.

For guitarist Thomas Ferrara and lead singer James Tabbi of The Heroic Enthusiasts, covering a Marc Almond and Soft Cell song is a tribute to their musical awakening after listening to Soft Cell as teenagers. Ferrara explains, "It was a magical awakening – a whole fresh and beautiful world opened up for us in lyrics, instrumentation, and production." This deep influence led them to choose "Tears Run Rings" for their reinterpretation.

The result is a rich soundscape filled with textured synth lines and driving drum beats, bearing the distinctive mark of The Heroic Enthusiasts' New Wave and synth-pop sound. This reinterpretation is more than just a cover; it's a lovingly crafted homage to the original while simultaneously paying respects to the duo's predilection for love song lyrics with a dark and political edge.


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