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The Lou Baxter Project Drop Cosmic New Single 'Mothership'

The Lou Baxter Project are back with their cosmic new single 'Mothership'. This other-worldly treat for the ears (and the eyes with its stunning video) is sure to captivate...

Lift-off for mission 8-LB! This is the band's eighth single of the year, and it's yet another banger. The Lou Baxter Project have a flare for crafting great songs that are catchy and stand-out for their unique themes. Expect a cosmic groove, with billowing synth basses and a galactic-good hook. Listeners will no doubt be drawn to the beautiful musical arrangement, complete with hypnotising strings and synth. No matter where you're from, your background or your age, this is a song for everyone. We love the sense of fun mixed with sleek musicianship. The stand-out lead vocal is hard not to fall in love with too. All in all, The Lou Baxter Project deliver a powerful production with this one, with a striking video to accompany it. Expect space monsters, otherworldly aliens, and dancing mirrored figures. 'Let's shoot the ray guns of our love' and 'Galaxies connected' are feel-good and unifying lyrics too. What's not to love?

Watch the video for 'Mothership' right here:

Or stream the new single via Spotify:

Follow The Lou Baxter Project for more: Facebook | Official Website


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