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The Lou Baxter Project Releases Single: The Ballad of Betty Short

With a sound that they define as glamorous retro-rock, The Lou Baxter Project release another rich track in their first release of 2022, The Ballad of Betty Short.

Delivering a twangy blend of acoustic and electric guitar, the song begins with a ready rhythm for what in fact are quite painful lyrics to follow – the story of a young woman who was unjustly murdered and laid to rest when she was only at the age of twenty-two. The 4 minute 30 seconds track sonically feels upbeat with its shoulder-moving melodies but is all undermined by the sadness that is behind the words.

The folk-rock track certainly holds a full chorus nevertheless and is one that feels conversational between the two vocalists – band member, Oliver Wengeler and female guest singer, Aurora Menzel. Delivered in his raspy vocals, Oliver sings about the legacy of Hollywood star, Betty Short:

‘I know your soul lives on...’

Authentic and raw, the recording of the track feels like it was entirely played live in the studio in one take – the elegant string interlude that highlights the charming fiddle sounds too good not to be. With the bridge building in tempo slightly, you feel eager to get back into an even bigger and brasher chorus. Unexpectedly but remarkably powerful, the track ends with horn stabs; somehow eerily resembling the notion of Betty Shorts death.

To listen to the track and listen to the story of the song, for yourself. You can stream the song on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple and Amazon music.

To keep up to date with music from The Lou Baxter Project, you can follow them here on their relevant social media platforms:


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