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The Ocean Deep return with the stellar new single ‘Cyanide’

Since they released their brilliant debut single ‘I Bleed’ in 2019, Minneapolis-based duo The Ocean Deep have made it their mission to deliver one intense alt-rock thrill ride ever since. Now they return in 2021 with their anthemic new release ‘Cyanide’.

Filled with thunderous production, killer hooks, and an unabashed attitude, ‘Cyanide’ makes for an incredibly bold and euphoric return for the pair. With nods to a distinct pop aesthetic thrown in for good measure, they have built a brilliantly distinct direction that looks to serve them well in the months to come.

Talking about the track they said, “It's about being with someone but you're not quite sure it feels right. So you feel guilty and heartless. You want to tell them, but you can't.”

The Ocean Deep’s ‘Cyanide’ can be streamed anywhere now. Have a listen to it below:


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