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The Other Way Shares Jazz-Fusion New Track 'Archeopteryx'

With its intriguing blend of jazz, folk, and soul, The Other Way's sound is as enigmatic as the prehistoric bird that inspired their latest track. Meet the masterminds behind The Other Way: Rowan Porteous, whose trumpet and sampler skills set the tone; Elly Hopkins, a powerhouse on vocals and guitar; Billie Bottle, with keyboards and vocals; Guillaume Ottaviani, anchoring the sound with his bass; and Emma Holbrook, driving the rhythm with her dynamic drumming.

"Archeopteryx" serves as the inaugural glimpse into The Other Way's forthcoming album, 'Learning to Be'. Drawing inspiration from Thomas Hardy's evocative poem, this track fuses the ancient with the contemporary. Rowan Porteous's trumpet prowess and Elly Hopkins' commanding vocals form the backbone of this unique composition. With its euphoric energy and poetic lyricism, 'Archeopteryx' transports listeners to a realm where time seems to stand still.

From choppy drum sequences to soulful backing vocals, each layer in 'Archeopteryx' was carefully thought out. The track's "dinosaur stomp" rhythm pays homage to the prehistoric era while infusing it with a contemporary flair. It's a reflection of Porteous's deep-rooted concerns about environmental conservation and personal introspection. Through rich textures and thought-provoking lyricism, the song invites listeners on a musical journey of self-discovery and ecological consciousness.



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