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The Unmissable New Album from US Artist Trę K

Trę K has released their incredible new album 'Who Killed Benny', and it is unmissable...

This artist started off interning with DJ Bobby Trends from Hot 97, before building up connections and influence through their city, Newark, New Jersey. Now, they are steadily building a wave filled with multiple artists collaborating with Grammy award-winning Naughty by Nature. To get to know the artist and their sound properly, let's take a tour of their album shall we...

This is a killer album which opens with a beautiful message for peace, hope and love, as if recorded on a phone by the artist. The song 'Love Me' then erupts into something funky delicious with a sleek groove and memorable Kanye West style vocal. There's a retro hip-hop edge to this, with a modern flair which is completely unique to the artist. Experimental elements of production, including synths - as showcased in the second track - will have you pleasantly surprised. All too often, records of this genre seem to rehash old tropes, but here we have an artist carving out his own signature sound.

'Yap' has a killer groove with crispy claps, with head-bopping hats that neatly swing to the groove, with disrespectful 808s that will wreck your speakers, dropping in on the chorus. Nicely mixed vocals cut through perfectly but remain balanced throughout.

The intense, pounding rhythm of 'Sting' is sure to uplift your spirits with its fusion of synthpop, dance and trap. We love the quirkiness of this trippy and euphoric track. 'Village Interlude' will allow the listener to pause and reflect for a moment, with its hypnotic beat. 'Toxic' featuring Father Milli is a stand-out track on the album, with its sexy bass glides underneath a bed of soulful, smooth gospel chords played via string pads. There are tastefully-placed blips, adding to the infectious feel of this song.

We're gifted with another collaboration with flavoursome track 'Quota Flow' featuring Constantine. Full of bite and no nonsense flow, this song will have you hooked from start to finish. Closing track 'Someone Like You' samples the famous Kings of Leon track, before erupting into some trap-rap killer swag.

Listen to the album here:


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