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The Venerable Overcomes Fear In Latest Pop-Rock Offering ‘Show Me Your Beautiful’

Texan pop-rock artist 'The Venerable' has ignited the music scene with their highly-anticipated single, "Show Me Your Beautiful." Headed by frontman Matt Barrett, The Venerable operates as a dynamic songwriting project that collaborates with a diverse array of talented musicians, breaking free from musical boundaries and embracing a whirlwind of genres. 

Hailing from Houston, TX, The Venerable embodies a pop-rock spirit that boldly defies genre constrictions and stereotypes. The project's collaborative nature extends beyond its musicality, delving into the realm of lyrical prowess to craft songs that are not only meaningful but also deeply relatable and nostalgic. Drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Billy Joel to Counting Crows and The Goo Goo Dolls, The Venerable weaves a sonic tapestry that is as rich as it is diverse. 

Speaking on their latest track, the band shares, "The song is really at the core about coming out of your comfort zone and showing the world what you have to offer. It's a song about overcoming fear and showing what beautiful things you have to offer the world." With these words, The Venerable lays bare the essence of "Show Me Your Beautiful" — a musical anthem that encourages breaking barriers and embracing the beauty within.


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