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Toast delivers his latest LP 'Toast TV'

Breaking down barriers wherever he goes, US rapper Toast has been the hot ticket over the last few years, creating a diverse mix of classic and modern hip-hop at every turn. Now he has finally cemented his legacy to date as he drops his new LP 'Toast TV'.

Filled with a fun and upbeat mix of hip-hop gems, 'Toast TV' is a smooth and enticing return from a name we are loving right now. His fun and upbeat persona matches perfectly with the silky beats he shares throughout, giving this release a true summertime vibe that needs to be heard.

Speaking more on the release of Toast TV, Toast explained, "This album is about the role of TV and how it has influenced our youth, society, and world as a whole. The purpose of this project is to provoke the listener into realizing how important life is and what their place in this world is. I’ve been working since August 2020 and it only has one feature by the artist KIL. More info on my Instagram."

'Toast TV' is available to stream on all available DSPs now. Have a listen to it in full below.


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